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How to flirt With Girl ?

Huh.. How to flirt With Girl ? Before we need to understand What is flirt ? Let’s talk about flirt, flirt is way or act which helps you to connect a girl with emotionally or romantically. So be careful while flirting with a girl, because flirting a girl is like teasing a girl, so you need to take care of girl’s feeling, girl should not get upset or angry or disappointed with you at a time of teasing or flirting with a girl. 



Now am going to suggest or give a some tips to flirt with girl, so follow these tips, as per my experience 100% sure girl will not be upset or angry or disappointed. Let’s Start tips about how to flirt with a girl ?


Target a your girl   


Yuppp… Before You start a flirt, you need to target a girl i mean that who is your girl and who is get fit to you. 



Now again in confusion? <link>how to get a girl to notice you ? </link> or <link> how to get a girlfriend ?</link> so calm and think that which type of girl you like. And talk with a girl, with cool mind and confidently by which girl should accept your friendship soon. 

So who close to you and takes care of your feeling more than others and makes you happy in some point of time, so these are some signs to find a girl. So find a perfect girl and start a flirting with her.


Smile at Her and Focus on her Eye:


Start with Smile, Don’t be afraid about girl because girl also human being, girl has also emotions and feelings as you have, so smile at girl very cache, short and sweet. And be confident on your smile, don’t be shy at time of smiling. This is the first step to impress any girl, so impress girl with smile.




And one more thing is while you smiling at girl, eye contact with her is very important, its shows you are confident level in front of girl and give some compliments to her and make some special to her. 

It’s also shows you are interested in her. Definitely she looks at you and smiles at you, If she smiles at you understand that she also interesting in you.  


Try To Touch Her And Make More Affection:


It’s very important role, so be carefull. And its possible only in crowd place or else in school or college life easily. So by making touch to her, you can change feelings of her easily towards to you.I am sure after touch of yours, she definitely thinks about you. 




After that apologize to her, i mean that, say like that it was accident, it’s too much crowd(it’s just example, you think as per time of situation). Because she thinks more about you like you are kind person and good guy. So don’t forget to apologize to her.


Clothing Style(Dressing Sense)


It’s Very necessary to look good. I mean your dressing sense have to match you exactly. Almost all girls fall in love with a gentleman only. 




So understand how much dressing sense plays important role in flirting or love, so have to wear good clothes, my suggestion to you is wear branded watch to impress a girl.One more thing i want to clear with you, if you wear tie and suit as per my experience those are won’t work. To know more please click on link. <link>How to impress a girl by dressing sense</link>


Talk Smart: 


Yupp.. Talk smartly to her don’t be hesitate to talk with her. Talk with confident, clear and smart. While you talking be confident before i informed why confident is important while talking. To know more please click on link  <.link>how to impress a girl <./link> in this article you will get why you should be confident while impressing girl. 


For example Here i share my experience how i was text to my girl first time, just messaged her like, in my last night dream you were there.. But i had not share what she did in my dream just i was asked her to guess what are possibilities u able to do with me in my dream. And given some hints as per situation, in this be unique and smart, am 100% sure to you 50 – 70% she will flat on you.   


Never Give Up: 

After reading this article also more guys are still confuse. Some Guys are not perfect to flirt with girls, Even they don’t how to flirt with girl at first time.Don’t give up you can do anything, everything is possible. More Girls are there in this world try with some other girl.   



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