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Are you feel shortness of breath, trouble breathing for doing things like walking, climbing.  And also feel more tiredness (fatigue) without any work then it is symptoms or chances of low blood or less hemoglobin levels in your body.

Hemoglobin is very important to our body decreasing of hemoglobin levels is very dangerous to our health. So in this article I provide some information or tips to how to increase hemoglobin levels in your body.

These are the some foods you eat daily in your life for increasing for blood production.

1. Beetroot


Beetroot Plays important role to increasing hemoglobin levels in your body. Doctor also says to eat Daily one beetroot for increasing blood.

If you eat daily one beetroot in your daily routine life it’s enough to improve your hemoglobin levels. You eat beetroot in many ways like you made beetroot juice, beetroot playa, beetroot salad etc…

so beetroot is first and best way to improves Hemoglobin levels in your body so eat one beetroot daily.

2. Tomato


Tomato is another powerful food which helps to improves Hemoglobin levels in our body.  In tomato Vitamin C source is very high so its helps to improve blood production.

so use tomato daily in your food like as juice, diet food, playa etc.. and increase your Hemoglobin levels.   

3. Spinach(Palaka)


Spinach (Palak) is having more iron content so it is very helpful for improves hemoglobin levels in our body. Green vegetables usually having more iron content.

Doctors also says eat daily green vegetables it is good for health but Spinach/Palak is specially help those whom have less hemoglobin levels in their body.

So eat Palak daily like Palak Juice, Palya, etc… whatever your choice. Palak is really helps to improve your Hemoglobin levels.

4. Apple


Apple is also very important Natural things which helps to improve blood or hemoglobin in your body. As you know Doctor also says quote about apple i.e. “An Apple a day Keeps the doctor away”.

 Because apple having rich Vitamin C, high Protein content, High Fiber content, So that reason apple 80% helps to improve your hemoglobin level. So use or eat daily one apple and rise your hemoglobin level.

5. Rajma Bean(Kidney bean)

Rajama (kidney bean)

Rajma bean is famous bean in North India. North India People daily use this bean in their food style. Because rajma have more vitamin power and it is helps to live healthy life as well helps to improve Hemoglobin. so by eating rajama in your food you improve your Hemoglobin level

So the above mentioned foods are the top 5 natural food where we can easily get any where by using these top 5 natural ways we can improve our hemoglobin level and live healthy life. and stay away from hospitals.

I hope you may got some Ideas from this article/ information about how to increase hemoglobin level by using Natural foods.  If you like this information Please share this article with your friends. and visit my blog for updates of health tips. Thanks for reading this information. 

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