Best Tourist Places to visit in Dandeli

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Are you Travel lover and want to love traveling about free or holiday time. So in this article I am sharing about some Famous Dandeli tourist Places where you can enjoy your trip with your family or Friends.

I sure once you visit to Dandeli you never forgot this Place it is of the memorable trip of your travel journey so let’s see which are the famous tourist Places to visit in dandeli.

Dandeli Tourist Place to visit

1. Kali River

Kali River is the one of the Famous Tourist Place to visit in Dandeli. because kali river is famous for water crafting here you can get boat to rides on the water so you can enjoy your water crafting with beautiful climate of dandeli.

Kali river is surrounded by thick forest and nice climate so here you will find beautiful nature side scenes for clicking photos. It is the best place photoshoot and all so Kali river is best place for visit in dandeli.

2. Syntheri Rock

Syntheri rock is the another best tourist place in dandeli. syntheri rock situated in kali tiger reserve forest area and it is in the middle of the forest.

so you enjoy the nature sight seen and little falls is drop down continuously so you can enjoy the falls and water with swimming and playing in the water. it is also best place for photo shoot because this place situated in the middle of the forest.

you can reach this place by your own vehicle or hiring the cab to reach this place. Totally syntheri rock is the most visiting place in dandeli.

3. Shiroli Peak

Shiroli peak is the top visiting place in dandeli because it the highest mountain or peak in Uttarkannda region. It is the best place for trekking etc..

once you reach in the top mountain so can see the surrounding beauty of the natures sight seen and you can enjoy the climate of the dandeli so entirely Shiroli peak is most visited tourist place in dandeli.

4. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is the most visited place in dandeli because it is the second largest sanctuary in karnataka state.

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is surrounded by thick forest and hills. So it looks beautiful to seen. In this sanctuary major attraction is open Jeep Safari where you can seen the wild animals live not in the cage.

So it gives you thrilling experience. in the above image I am showing the jeep safari image how the mans are taking photos of live tiger. So whom those are interested in wild photography this is the best Place for them.

instead of this you can seen different types birds, corocodies etc…. so that reason this wild life sanctuary is major tourist attraction of Dandeli.

5. Sykes view point

sykes view point

Sykes view point is most attraction place to seen in dandeli. because of its beautiful nature sight seen and cold climate. once reach the top of the point the fogs and clouds are attracts towards and you feels like standing on the sky.

Sykes view point surrounded deep valleys and thickly forest hills. it is the best place for trekking, photoshoot etc.. so that reason is count as one of the best dandeli tourist place.

6. Supa Dam

Spua Dam in Dandeli

Spua Dam also one of the centre attraction place to visit in dandeli. it was buit across Kali river. This dam has power power house at foot of this dam with two electrical generators.

The Dam has live storage capacity of 145 (Thousand million cubic feet) and catchment area of 1057 sq. kms ).

spua Dam is located in dandeli town and it is most beautiful place to seen. because the dam is full of water and it looks to nice to seen. so it also count as one of the best dandeli tourist place to visit.

So apart from this there are many Place to visit but the above Place are the top best Dandeli tourist Place to visit. so whenever you have free times then plan once with your friends or family and visit Dandeli once in your life.

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