Harihargad Best Adventure Place in Maharashtra(India)

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Hey are you passion about traveling and enjoy the traveling in your holiday or free time then hello friends I am back with my new post regarding Top Traveling Places where you can enjoy your memorable trip.

In this post I am sharing one of the famous Adventure Place where you can enjoy more with also taking thrilling experience to your travel journey, So friends that Place is Harihargad Best Adventure Place in Maharastra.


Harihargad Fort

Harihargad Fort is one of the popular Adventure Place in Maharastra most of toursiter attract towards harihargad Fort because enjoy the thrilling and adventure of this fort.

This Fort is also famous for trekking because it’s Thriller experience, most of trekker love this place to take trek in this fort. It is counted as one of the popular trekking Place in Maharastra.

Harihargad history

Harihargad was built during Pankaj panchariya period, then it was surrendered to Khan Zaman in 1636. Then In 1670 the fort is captured by Moropant Pingale who was Peshwa of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Then on 8 Jan 1689 this fort captured by Mughal Sardar Mattabar Khan but sooner it was recaptured by Marathas. At last in 1818 British army defeated Marathas and Capture this Fort, So it is harihargad history.

Harihargad is hill fort it is 3676 ft height from sea level , So when you reach on the top of the fort you will seen the entire beauty of the surrounding nature with nice climate and enjoy yourself with your friends or family.

1) Some best Photos of Harihargad

1) Main Entrance Gate of the Fort
2) Second Entrance of the Gate
3) The Climb Steps of the Fort

So by seeing the above Images the fort is best Place for trekking and Adventure because its rock-cut Steps, Climb Structure. for example you can get idea from the 3rd Image of the post, See how the women move on rock-cut steps on the fort, So when you move on the fort you will get thriller and Adventure experience of the Fort.

Best to visit or enjoy your trip on the fort is during Monsoon and rainy season because the climate is very beautiful, So when you stand on the top the fort you seen the Climate is fully crowded with Fog and cold air.

So you can enjoy and relax yourself on the fort and you can also feels like you stand on the sky, because the fort is surrounded with fog. So whenever you plan for Harihargad Fort then visit in Monsoon and rainy season to enjoy your trip.

Suggested to Watch: To know more about Harihargad Fort in Monsoon by watching this below video

2) How to Reach This Fort

Harihargad/Fort is located on 40 Km from Nasik City, 48 Km from lgatpuri, and 40 Km from Ghoti Nashik District Of Maharastra. It is one Popular Tourist Destination Place in Nashik district.

So you can get local transportation form the above mentioned Towns or else you can go with your own vehicle. So Plan once and Visit this Fort with your friends or family during holiday or vacation time.

So Friends, This is Information about Harihargad if you like the information Please share this information with your friends, and To know more about Top Traveling Places to Enjoy your trip then visit my blog i.e. lifetrends.in and thanks for reading this information.

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