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Hey are enjoy the traveling and want move on for an trip with your holiday or free time. Then Hello friends I am come back with my new post regarding traveling Place.

So friends today I am sharing information about a famous place where you can enjoy your trip with full of entertainment/ joyness with your friends or family.

So Ratnagiri is Amazing Place to enjoy your trip so in the below article I am sharing Some Places to visit in Ratnagiri where you can visit and enjoy your trip. So let’s read the below information.

Places to Visit in Ratnagiri

Ratnadurg Fort

Ratnadurg Fort,

Ratnadurg Fort is famous Place to visit in Ratnagiri this fort is also called as Ratnagiri or Bhagwati Fort . This fort is built during Bhamani Period. In 1670 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj won the fort from the hands of Adil Shah bijapur and reconstruct and Improve this fort, This is Ratnadurg fort history.

Ratnadurg Fort is best place to visit in ratnagiri because the fort is Surrounded by sea from three side so you can enjoy the beauty of the sea once you stand top of the fort the beautiful sea attracts you and you feel that beauty once you stand on the fort.

This fort is best place for Photo shoot so by clicking amazing photos with your friends or family. Apart from these there So many places is available to seen i.e. i) Ratnadurg fort lighthouse it most visited place in the fort, ii) Bhagawati Temple is Main attraction of this fort the temple is very nice to see.

This fort is situated 200 feet above form the sea so it’s look nice to seen. The fort 2 K.m. away from Ratnagiri District So you can travel with your vehicle to reach this point. So whenever you travel for Ratnagiri you must visit this Place without missing such best place to visit.

Ganapatipule Mandir /Beach

Ganpatipule beach

Ganapatipule Beach/Mandir is another most important visiting Place in ratnagiri. because this wonderful place where you can make fun and enjoyment with your friends or family.

Ganapatipule is town on the Kokan Coast of western India, It is Famous for its beaches. Such as Ganapatipule Beach and nearby Aare Ware Beach. On Ganapatipule Beach, the centuries old swayambhu Ganpati Temple situated so you can see the temple and beach at one place.

First you can visit the temple and seen the Swayambhu Ganesh Statue then after exit from the temple the beautiful beach is welcomes you to enjoy in the water. in the beach you will get lot water games to enjoying yourself like paragliding, Camel walk, boat riding etc… with clicking awesome photos of you with your friends or family.

After enjoying beach you will get lot of tasty and varieties foods on the beach like veg and non-veg. So Totally Ganpatipule is one of the best and most visited place in Ratnagiri .

Kolhapur to Ganapatipule Distance is 154 km So you can easily get transportation facility from Kolhapur like buses and Private Vehicle or else you can go by your own vehicle.

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Thiba Palace

Thiba Palace

Thiba Point/ Place is another Most visiting Place in Ratnagiri, Thiba Palace is historical building situated on a small hill rock in ratnagiri. This is one of the major tourist attractions in Ratnagiri.

Thiba Palace is beautiful to seen the place is beautifully constructed three storied structure with sloping roofs. the main attraction of this palace is semi-circular wooden with beautiful carvings. Apart from this there is Dancing hall with marble floor on the first floor and one Buddha idol is installed at back side of the palace where you can visit and seen in the palace.

along with this there is Museum in the palace where you can see the various things of that are used during the king exile so you visit to Museum and see that things and enjoy yourself in the Museum.

After seeing the Museum their is Popular view point is there to visit that point name is Thiba Point it is situated near Thibwa Palace. This point is surrounded by the Beautiful Natural Side seances and it also famous for Sunset So you can enjoy the view of Sun to standing on the Thiba Point. So apart from this you can also enjoy the Someshwar Creek, Bhatye Bridge and Arabian sea from this point So Totally Thiba Point/ Palace is Most Visited place in Ratnagiri.

Thiba Palace is Situated 2 k.m. From the Ratnagiri Bus Stand So you can easily get Local Transport facility like cab or Auto to reach this point So Whenever you plan for Ratnagiri then must Visit Thiba Palace.

Jaigad Fort

Places to visit in Ratnagiri

Jaigad Fort is another most visited Tourist destination Place in Ratnagiri. Jaigad Fort is built by Bijapur Kings later it handover to Naiks of Sangameshwar. in 1818 this fort is captured by British this small history of this fort.

Jaigad fort is one the best historical fort and it best place enjoying yourself inside the the lot of historical things to seen apart from this you will see the beautiful view of Sea when you stand top of the fort so you will enjoy the beauty sea.

In jaigad a Popular tourist Place is there to see that Place is Lighthouse this light house situated near to Jaigad. This Place is also famous as Ratnagiri Lighthouse. In lighthouse you can the beautiful lights and once you reach the top of the Lighthouse you enjoy the beauty of the Arabic Sea so you can enjoy yourself the beautiful climate of the ratnagiri with your friends or family. So this type Jaigad Fort also most important Place to visit in Ratnagiri.

So Friends these are some Tourist Place in Ratnagiri where you can visit and enjoy your trip with your friends or family. I hope you might like this information regarding Ratnagiri if you like this information then Share this information with your friends, and To know more about top Traveling places then visit my blog i.e. and thanks for reading this information.

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