Top 5 Famous Places to Visit in Udupi For Awesome Trip

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Are you enjoy to traveling in your holiday or on your vacation time with your friends and family. So Hello, Everyone I am back with my new post regarding Traveling places to enjoy memorable trip.

So friends, In this article i am sharing information about Top 5 best places to visit in udupi where you can enjoy lot with friends or family. So let’s know its information in below lines.

Places to visit in Udupi

1. Udupi Shri Krishna Math

Udupi Shri Krishna Math

Shri krishna Matha is first for most visiting Places in udupi. because it is most tourist attraction place and biggest and Popular Hindu Temple in Udupi.

This Temple is Most tourist attraction Places in udupi because udupi is famous for this Shri Krishna Matha. This Matha/ Temple is founded by the Vaishnavite Saint Jagadguru Shri Madhvacharya in the 13th century. This temple is dedicated to Loard Shri Krishna.

The math area resembles a living ashram and it is one best holi and devotion place where you can do devotion and relax yourself and main thing you can see in this Math is Kanakana kindi (A similar window covers the immediate front of the vigraha), Goshala (where Cowes are reserved), Golden Chariot Of Udupi etc.. so this type Shri Krishna Math is first place to visit in udupi.

2. Malpe Beach

Malpe beach in Udupi

Malpe Beach is another most and popular Places to visit in Udupi. because Malpe is very awesome beach to seen where you can enjoy lot with your friends or family.

It is the first Indian beach with 24*7 wi-fi where you can use unlimited internet facility. And the main attraction of this beach is malpe beach sea walk point where you can walk around 1 to 2 km inside on the beach with safely buited bridge and see the beauty of the Malpe beach.

apart from this you do the things like parasailing, Jet Skiing, etc.. you get in the beach by doing these activities you can enjoy yourself in the beach with clicking photos and all.

So this way Malpe Beach is another most visited place in Udupi. This beach 5 km away from Udupi city so you can easily get city bus or private vehicle from udupi city. So whenever you plan for Udupi then you must visit this beach.

3. Anantheshwara Temple

Udupi anantheshwara temple is famous visiting place in udupi. because it is as historical Hindu temple dedicated to to Parshuram, an incarnation of Vishnu with Linga came to be known as Anantheshwara.

This temple built was built during the reign of the Alupas in the 8th century and it is considered among the oldest and popular temple in Udupi. So whenever you Plan trip for Udupi you must visit Udupi Anantheshwara Temple.

4. St. Mary’s Island

St.Mary’s Island one of the Popular and awesome Places to visit in Udupi because it most tourist attraction place in udupi. St. Mary’s Island made up of set of four small island in the Arabian sea off the Coast of Malpe in Udupi so it awesome to seen.

St. Mary’s Island is most enjoying place because of surrounding Nature and beautiful sea. The Island Climate and Natural sight seances attracts you you can enjoy the Natural beauty of the Island with clicking of Awesome photos of yours with your friends or family.

This Island is situated in the middle of the Malpe beach so you can easily get boat facility from the beach to reach this Island. so you can also the enjoy’s water of the sea while coming on the boat.

Apart from this you can get more entertainment things in the Island for enjoying yourself. So Totally I am saying is St. Mary’s Island is Most visiting and Enjoying Place in Udupi.So whenever you Plan for udupi trip then you must visit St. Mary’s Island.

5. Mattu Beach

Mattu beach is another famous beach in Udupi after the Malpe beach, Mattu Beach is best beach to enjoy yourself because the surrounding the climate and nature is awesome to see in the beach.

This beach situated beside the road so you can enjoy the bike riding here and sitting benches are available in the beach so you can sit on the bench and enjoy the beauty of the beach.

The Crowd of the peoples is less compare to Malpe beach so you can enjoy in the beach like playing some games with your friends or Family apart from this best place for photoshoot. So totally Mattu Beach is best enjoying place in Udupi So don’t miss this place whenever you plan a trip for Udupi.

Udupi city is situated in the southwest Indian State of Karnataka. this city is famous Hindu Temples and beaches so Plan once and make a trip for Udupi with you friends or family.

So Friends, the above mentioned are some famous Places to visit in Udupi So I hope you might like this information if you like this information So Please share this information with your friends and Thanks for reading this information. For Knowing more updates of Traveling Places so Please visit My blog i.e. .

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