Best Places to visit near Pune within 100 Km

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Are you crazy or love to traveling in your holiday or free time. then in this article i am sharing information some amazing Places to visit near pune within 100 Km. So you can easily go and enjoy your self with your friends or family. So lets see which are the best places to visit near pune for traveling in below.

Places to visit near pune

1.Pawan Lake

Pawan lake is the one of the best places to visit near pune because pawan lake is nice to look and lake is surrounded by beautiful nature sight seen to seen.

So it is one best place to relaxing yourself and enjoy the natural beauty but main things to enjoy here is sun set and Lake side camping. In pawan lake you can to do things like camping, conduct some games with friends or family members so its brings you more enjoyment. So whenever you plan for trip visit pawan lake.

Pawan lake 56 Km from pune so can visit here by taking train from pune to lonavala or khandala or else you can reach by road via pawan lake.

2. Sinhagad Fort

Singhgad Fort is the one of the popular tourist Place in pune because Singh gad fort situated in 1312(430 ft) in mountain hill. once reach the top of the fort view of surrounding nature sight seen is beautiful to seen because I also gone here and get the experience beautiful seen.

Singh gad fort is the best place for trekking and all because the fort is fully surrounded with thick forest so you can enjoy trekking by walk around in forest.

Best time to visit this fort is mansoon and winter because in this season the weather is so nice to seen the fort is fully crowded fog and cold air so you can enjoy the weather in singh fort with your family or friends.

Singh gad fort is also best hill station place to visit near pune. the fort is 35 Km away from pune so you easily get bus from pune or else you can move with your private vehicle to reach this fort. so whenever plan for trip visit singh gad fort.

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3. Lonavala

Lonavala is one of the beautiful hill station to seen because of its cool weather and nature sight seen. lonavala is best places trekking, photoshoot etc…

In lonavala you can visit places like tiger leap, Lion point, duke nose to catch the beauty of valley these places are amazing to seen. Lonavala is nice to see in mansoon and winter because the clouds and fogs high in this season so it will attracts you when standing on top of the mountain. So Lonavala is another best places to visit near pune within 100 Km .

Lonavala is 64 Km away from pune so you can go by bus, local train from pune or else by your own vehicle, so plan once and visit lonavala.

4. Kamshet

Kamshet is beautiful hill station located in western ghat. Kamshet is famous paragliding and thrilling activities for this reason many thrillers came here for taking paragliding to enjoy their thrilling. so if you interested to do thrilling activities Kamshet is best place for enjoys thrilling.

apart from thrilling in kamshet once can visit karla caves, uksan lake and nature sight seen. Kamshet is 49 Km away from pune so you can reach by bus or own vehicle. So Kamshet is best place to visit near pune within 100 Km.

5. Kune Falls

Kune falls is another best tourist place to visit near pune. kune falls is located at lonavala it is 14th highest waterfall in india. kune falls is surrounded by beautiful sahyadri mountain so it looks nice to seen.

best season to visit this falls in rainy season. the falls attracts more visitors during rainy season because in rainy season heavy rain is fell here so the falls drop down level is high so in that time falls looks nice to see.

Kune Falls is 71 Km away from Pune so can reach by to get local transport from pune or else yours own vehicle. So kune Falls is also best places to visit near pune within 100 Km

6. Junnar

Junnar is famous place forts and caves the important places you can visit is jivdhan fort this fort. this fort located near ghatghar and fort height 1145 from sea level and in the fort many things are there to see. apart from this in junnar there are lot of rock-cut caves around junnar. junnar 93 Km away from pune so you can easily get transport facility from pune to reach junnar.

So Friends, these are some best places to visit near pune within 100 Km. you can reach easily here from pune so plans once and visit these place whenever you have free or holiday time and I hope you might like this information and thanks for reading and to know more of traveling places visit my blog i.e.

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