Raigad Fort|Best Place to visit in Maharashtra

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Are your travel lover and interest to travel in your free time or in holidays to enjoy yourself. So in this article I am sharing information a famous places in Maharastra where you can enjoy and memorable trip.

So friends that Place Raigad Fort this fort is a famous fort and most visited fort in Maharastra. once you visit this fort you never for got this place such nice place for travel. in below line I shared brief information about Raigad Fort. like what are things to do in raigad , Places to see in raigad fort, etc…

Raigad Fort(Raigad Killa)

Raigad Fort is one of the famous fort in maharashtra lots of maharastrian and other states people also came to visit this fort. it count as top tourist place to visit in maharashtra because of its history, places to see etc…. so in below line I shred information about its history and places to see in the fort .

History of Raigad Fort

Raigad Fort is hill fort located in Mahad, Raigad District of Maharashtra, India. Earlier raigad is called as Rairi. first this fort is ruling by Raje Chandraraoji More The king of Jawali and a descendant of Chandragupta Maurya Family.

In 1656 the great Hindu King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Captured this fort from Chandraraoji More. Then Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj renovate and expand this fort and rename it as Rairi to Raigad and made it as Capital of Maratha Empire so it is history of this fort.

Places to Visit in Raigad

In Raigad Fort there is lot of places to seen here as you know raigad Fort is an hill fort the fort height is 1356 miters (4,400 ft) and its surrounded by thick forest so when you stand on the top fort the beautiful sight seen of nature attracts you when you stand on the top of the fort.

So apart from this these are some top places you can visit inside the fort which i am listed in below one by one.

1. RajMata Jijau Masaheb Samadhi(Statute)

Rajmata Jijau is the first place where you can visit in raigad fort because it situated in pachad and pachad is 2 km away from raigad fort while coming to visit raigad you can visit this place. It best and first place where start you raigad fort journey.

Rajmata Jijau is the Mother of great Hindu king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Rajmata Jijau gives inspiring and motivating to Shivaji Maharaj for that reason Shivaji Maharaj buit his own Hindu Samrajya.

So after death of his mother shivaji Maharaj buit his mother samadhi to pachad so when people is coming to visit raigad fort they can first visit this place. so whenever you plan for raigad trip visit this place.

2. Mahadarawaja (Entrance of Raigad)

Mahadarwaza is the Entrance door of Raigad Fort it is main attraction of this fort. while heading towards to raigad fort this is first door you can see.

It also called as Entrance gate raigad. on this door you can enter in raigad fort. So it is one first place you can see in the fort.

3. Nagarkhana

Nagarkhana is another main attraction of Raigad fort. Nagarkhana is gateway of Raj Mahal / Darbar earlier the shivaji Maharaj hold meetings and their discussions in this place. so Nagarkhana is door or gate of raj darbar. that reason Nagarkhana is also another most visited in this fort.

4. Meghdambari / Statute of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Meghadambari/ Statute of Shivaji Maharaj

Meghadambari is another most visited place in Raigad Fort, because earlier shivaji Maharaj Sinhasan is situated in this Place. Here only Shivaji Maharaj Sat and hold his meating and all.

Now here you can see the big Statute of Shivaji Maharaj. when you enter inside in Nagarkhana you can see this Statute So that reason Meghadambari is also most visited place in this fort .

5. Holicha Maal / Holi Celebration Place

Holi cha Maal is also best place to seen in raigad because earlier in Shivaji Maharaj ruling period they celebrate their holi festival in this Place for that reason this Place is called as Holi cha Maal or Place of holi celebration. So now Shivaji Maharaj another statute is situated here. so whenever you visit to raigad you can see this.

6. Market Place / Bazar Peth

Bazar Peth is another main attraction of this fort because now also you can see the old shops in the fort. earlier people who are living in this fort they doing business in his place. So this type Bazar Peth also count as most visiting place in raigad.

7. Gangasagar Lake

Gangasagar Lake is also another most visited place in this fort because it is old lake where you can see in the fort, earlier in this lake was used for using of water for daily use purpose and all. So this type Ganga Sagar Lake also most visited place in this fort.

8. Jagadishwar Temple

Jagadishwar Temple in Raigad

Jagadishwar Temple is another maint thing to visit in Raigad because in raigad temple structure building is very nice you can see in above image. It is lord shiva temple where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj daily came and pray in this temple. So that reason Jagadishwar temple is most visiting place in raigad Fort.

9. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi is main thing to visit in raigad Fort, because Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj live their whole life in this fort and fight against enemies and build Hindu Samrajya so that reason Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Called Great Hindu King. So after death of Shivaji Maharaj their Samdhi Built in this Place. whenever you plan for visit Raigad Fort then must visit this Place.

10. Tak-Mak Toka

Takmak Tok Point in Raigad

Tak-Mak Tok point is most popular place to visit in Raigad because, Tak-mak point is 1200 ft height. When you stand on this point the whole beauty of natural sight seen attracts you and seeing fog will gives you more happiness and enjoyment you feel like stand on heaven such nice point to look.

Actually In shivaji Maharaj Ruling period this Tak-Mak Tok point is use for giving punishment to his enemies. if some body do any mistake then shivaji maharaj gives order to thrown down that enemy from this point. So for that reason Tak-Mak tok is most visited Place in Raigad Fort.

Raigad Fort is 152 Km away from Pune so you can easily get Bus and Transport Facility from pune or else you can go with your own vehicle to reach this fort.

So friends, this some information about Raigad Fort and its Places. I hope you may like this information about Raigad Fort, So plan once and Visit this place whenever you have free time or in holidays. For More Updates of Traveling Places Please visit my Blog i.e. lifetrends.in and thanks for reading this information.

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