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Are you Crazy about traveling in your free or holiday time by making trip with your friends or family then Hello, Friends I am back with my new post regarding traveling places. So in this post I am sharing another famous traveling Place where you can enjoy yourself with your friends or family.

So Friends, Sindhudurg Fort is best Place for traveling because this fort was buit in under sea so you can enjoy the beauty Sea as well as Fort. So in below lines i am sharing brief information this Fort So lets below.

Sindhudurg Fort History

Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort is a historical fort that occupies an islet in the Arabian Sea. This Fort was Constructed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj The main purpose to buit this fort is to counter to curb the raise of Siddis of Janjira and British.

The Total Cost was spent to buit this fort is over 4000 pounds. The constructions Started on 25th November 1664 and completed in 1667. The Fort is spread over 48 acres in the sea with 2 to 3 Km long rampart inside in the fort. The Walls of the fort is 30 Feet High and 12 Feet thick because to hold control on enemies. The total fort construction is supervised by Hiroji Indulkar in 1664 this is Sindhudurg fort history.

Things to Do in Sindhudurg Fort

1. Tarkarli Beach

Takarli Beach

Tarkarli Beach is the first and Best Place to visit before you coming to Sindhudurg Fort. This beach is awesome to seen because the beach is surrounded with beautiful Nature Scenes So you can Enjoy the beauty of the nature with your friends or family.

Apart from these you can enjoy the some beach games like Tarkarli Scuba diving, Jet Ski ride, Banana ride, Speed Boat ride, Parasailing in Tarkarli beach. So you can enjoy yourself with your friends or family with Playing this water games in the beach. So Tarkarli beach is most important places to visit before coming to Sindhudurg Fort.

2. Sindhudurg Fort View

Sindhudurg Fort one famous places to visit because it one best historical Place to seen. This fort Constructed and ruled by the great King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

In the Fort you can see the lot historic things in the fort which I have write in below lines

i. Sindhudurg Fort Entrance Gate

Sindhudurg Fort Entrance Gate

Sindhudurg Entrance gate is most attraction to seen in the fort because it is too old and beautiful and you can also get the idea of the old construction and it’s usage. So it is Places to you can seen in the fort.

ii. Shri Shivarajeshwar Mandir

Shri Shivajirajeshwar Mandir is another Most important Place to visit in this Fort. This temple dedicated to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj by his Son Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaj for his father Memory.

It is the only one Hindu temple which is built for king in the world, In the temple you can see the Statue of Shivaji Maharaj. So for this reason it is the most visited places in the Fort.

iii. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Footprint

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Footprint in Sindhudurg Fort

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Footprint is top most place to see in the Sindhudurg fort, because you never listen and never seen this type of thing anywhere. it the real footprint of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj when you see this you can feel that moment.

It is only one fort you can see the footprint of shivaji Maharaj such amazing place to see. So whenever you visit to this fort then without missing visit this Place.

So Friends these are some most important place to seen in the Sindhudurg Fort apart from this you can enjoy the beautiful seen of the sea to standing on the fort, and it also best place for photoshoot and all. so you can click your awesome pic with your friends or family.

How to reach Sindhudurg Fort: by reaching to the fort you can easily get the boat facility from the beach. they take INR 100/- per person to reach the fort.

So friends these are some information about Sindhudurg Fort I hope you might like this information if you like this then never miss to share this information with your friends and you can also comment below on the post. Then Plan once and visit this Fort in your holiday time and to know more top traveling Places information then visit my blog i.e. and thanks for reading this information.

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