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Are you interested or crazy about traveling and looking for famous traveling Places to enjoy your holiday with your friends and family.

so in this article I am sharing Some Famous traveling Places where you can enjoy your holiday times with full entertainment.

As you Know Bangalore is one of the biggest metropolitan city I hope you people visit Bangalore in your past journey for your works and all. But some Places to see around bangalore which is famous for travelling

which I am sharing in this article these Places are very beautiful once you visited these Places you never forgot these Places so lets see the information of that Places in my below article.

Places to Visit around Bangalore

1. Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is the one of the Largest National Park in Karnataka State this park is also known as Tiger reserve Park.

In Bandipur National you will get lot to enjoyment things like Jungle Safari, Animal Zoos, Open Jeep Safari etc… for your enjoyment. and you also get variety of animals to seen so it’s bring you lot of enjoyment.

one main thing to visit in this park i.e. Open jungle Safari here you will get open Jeeps for rented base and they will ride you in the forest and you will see here live wild animals not in Cage so its give you thrilling experience. so it is one of the most visiting Place.

Bandipur National Park is 215 k.m. away from Bangalore. you will get lot bus and private vehicle facility to reach the Park from Bangalore. So Plan once and visit this Park in your holiday time.


Savandurga is the another most visiting Places near Bangalore. Savandurga is the highest Mountain Hill Station in Karnataka.

This mountain is 1226 m height from sea level so it’s looks beautiful to see once you reach the top of the mountain the surrounding Nature side seances attracts you so it’s give more happiness and enjoyment.

This Spot also suits for Photo shoot because surrounded nature looks beautiful so when you clicks the photos its looks amazing. So Savandurga is also one most visiting Place.

Savandurga is 60 k.m. away from Bangalore so you will easily get buses and private vehicle. So Visit this Place once in your free time.


Shivanasamundra Falls

Shivanasamundra is most Popular visiting Place near Bangalore. Shivanasamundra Falls famous tourist Spot .

Daily so many people visit here because the Falls is drop down from 322 F.T. and 98 m height so its looks very amazing and nature side wings and falls water attracts towards to people.

when you stand in front of the Falls you Feel very excitement. This Falls also famous India’s second hydro-electric power station is located at the waterfall and is still functional. so both Falls and Power Plant are very famous Spot to visit here.

Shivanasamundra is 135 away from Bangalore There are several buses available from Bangalore KR Market and Malavalli to Milega to reach to Shivanasamundra Falls. whenever you have free time Plan once visit this Falls.


Wonder La Water Park is famous Spot to visiting Place near Bangalore. Wonder La is famous water Park in here you will get lot things to entertainment like water games, rain dance, Land rides, Water rides, High Thrills rides etc..

All rides gives you more enjoyment when take all rides. it is one famous place daily lot people visit to wonder la it also suits for weekend holiday so totally wonder la is Best Place for enjoy your holiday with your family and friends.

Wonder la is 30 k.m. away from Bangalore so you will easily get transportation facilities to reach Wonder la.


Avalabetta(mountain) is best place to visiting near Bangalore this mountain is also called avalabetta view point.because the mountain is very height once you reach top of the mountain you see the view whole side seances looks beautiful and attracts you.

The view point is very thrilling so you enjoy here lot it also best for photo shoot. Avalabetta is 90 k.m. away from Bangalore you will get bangalore to avalabetta bus and transportation facility to reach this point. so plan once and visit this place.

So apart from these many more places is their to near Bangalore but the above Places are famous Place and very nearest to Bangalore so you can reach these Places very easily so whenever you have holiday time plan with friends or Family and visit these Places.

For know more about top traveling Places please visit my blog i.e. to know about traveling places and thanks for reading this information.

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