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Hey! are you traveler and love to enjoy traveling in your free or holiday time with your friends or family by making an trip to refresh yourself then hello friends, I am back with my new another post regarding Top Traveling Places where you can enjoy your travel journey with fun and happiness. So in this post I am sharing post a wonderful Places where you can enjoy you trip with very fun and joyness, So friends that Places Mahableshwar,

Mahableshwar is most Popular and Most tourist attractive Places in Maharastra because of it’s wonderful whether and Nature Sightseeing for that reason it is counted Top Tourist destination Places in Maharastra, In today’s Post I am going to cover topic is 1) Top 5 Wonderful Visiting Places In Mahableshwar ii) How to reach Mahableshwar. So let’s seen in below lines.


Visiting Places in Mahableshwar

Mahableshwar is one of the best Place to enjoy your trip because of it’s nice weather and Nature Sightseeing once you visit this Places I am damn sure you never forgot this Place in your life such nice Place to visit and enjoy the trip.

In below line I am sharing where you can visit and which are the best Place where you can visit see that Place and enjoy your trip one by one.


i. Panchgani

Panchgani is first and most famous visiting Places in Mahabaleshwar because of its surrounding beauty and Nature Sightseeing. Panchgani is very beautiful Place to see in Mahableshwar because while entering in Mahableshwar Panchgani is the first Place where you can visit and seen.

In Panchgani a Best hill station is there to see So when you stand on the hill station the beautiful Nature Sightseeing and climate attracts you so by watching the nature you can enjoy and refresh your mood.

In hill station horse riding also available so you can enjoy the horse riding in the hill station. So for that reason Panchgani is first visiting Places in Mahableshwar.

ii) Mapro Garden

After the watching the Panchgani Mapro Garden is another best Places where you can visit and enjoy yourself because In Mapro Garden there are so many places is available to see and enjoy.

In Mapro Garden you can enjoy some Playing games, Strawberry shop centre etc… So you can enjoy the shopping and all in this garden. So for that reason Mapro garden also one most visiting Places in Mahableshwar.

iii) Venna Lake

After visiting the Mapro Garden the Venna Lake is another best Visiting Places in Mahableshwar because the Lake is wonderful to see and to enjoy yourself with your friends or family.

In venna lake boating facility is available so you can also enjoy the boat ride in the lake with beautiful climate of Mahableshwar. So for this reason veena lake also counted as best visiting Place in Mahableshwar.

iv) Pratapgad Fort

After visiting the Venna Lake the Pratapgad Fort is another famous visiting Places in Mahableshwar. because the structure and beauty of the Fort, This fort is counted as famous tourist destination Place of Mahableshwar.

Pratapgad Fort is an hill fort situated to famous hill station of Mahableshwar the fort 3500 feet height from the ground and in the fort 350-400 steps is their to reach the top of the fort so you can enjoy the trekking here when you heading towards the top of the fort.

In Pratapgad Fort many Places are their to visit which I mentioned below lines in the fort you can see Places like i) Entrance gate (Mahadarwaza) Fort, ii) Watch Tower where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature sightseeing and nice climate, iii) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statute, iv) Bhavani Mata Temple in the top of the fort. so these are the Place where you visit and enjoy in the Fort.

The best season to visit the Pratapgad Fort during the Monsoon Season because in Monsoon Mahableshwar Climate is very nice to seen. So in this time you can enjoy the Climate and nature sightseeing on standing on the top of the fort. Pratapgad fort is 20 k.m. away form the Mahableshwar so you can easily get local transport facility from mahabaleshwar or you can also move with your own vehicle reach this Fort. So whenever you Plan for Mahableshwar then visit Pratapgad Fort without missing.

V) Panchganga Temple

After Pratapgad Fort the Panchganga Mandir is the another fabulous Visiting Places in Mahableshwar, because beauty of the temple. The Panchganga temple is located at the confluence 5 rivers i.e. Krishana, Koyna, Gayatri, Savitri and Venna river, and it is birth Place of Krishna river so inside the temple you can see the flowing point of the river.

and another most viewable point inside the Panchganga temple i.e Gaumukhi Point Gaumukhi means Cow face. So the amazing Place here to see from Gaumukhi the continues water is flowing from this point and the water is very pure. so for ex- you can throw the one coin in the water you see that coin under the water. so you can feel the pureness of the water in the temple. So for that reason Panchganga Temple is most visited Place in Mahableshwar.

So friends, these above Place are the Top 5 Famous Visiting Places in Mahableshwar apart from this there are many Places is available to visit in Mahableshwar. some of the them I mention in below lines

The other Famous Places to visit in Mahableshwar

  1. Elephant head Viewpoint
  2. Wilson Viewpoint
  3. Tiger’s Spring
  4. Bomby Point
  5. Lingamala Falls
  6. Mahableshwar Temple
  7. Dhobi water Falls

So these above mentioned Place are also best places to visit and enjoy in Mahableshwar, but the 5 are top best visiting Places in Mahableshwar to enjoy trip. So whenever you Plan for Mahableshwar then visit this Place without missing.

How to reach Mahableshwar

Mahableshwar is 100 k.m.away form Pune city, Maharastra so you can easily get local transport facility from pune city like bus, cabs etc.. or you can also move with you Own vehicle to reach Mahableshwar

So friends I hope you might like this information about Mahableshwar if you like then never forgot share this information with your friends, and For know more about Top Traveling Places Information Keep visit my Blog i.e. to get updated traveling Places information and Thanks for reading this information.

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