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Are looking or thinking for buy best smart Phones with high quality features, configurations, Camera quality and all.

Then in this articles I am sharing upcoming smartphones 2019 list and its information so its help to you know about latest smart phones which recently launched or coming soon in the Market.

So in below article I am sharing upcoming smartphones mobile information one by one so let’s see it once.

1. Reliance Jio Phone 3

Reliance jio phone 3

As you know Reliance is old and branded company in mobile industry how its grow fast and Reliance jio is provided is unlimited Net with best price so lot of people using Reliance Jio Net.

so now Reliance company going to launched its new smart phones i.e. Jio Phone lets know it features in below

Ram: 2 GB

Memory Capacity- 64 GB + 128 expendable

Processor: Quad core 1.4 GHZ

Display: 5 inches (12.7 cm) HD

Camera: 5 MP Primary Camera LED Flash, 2 MP Front Camera

Battery: 2800 Mah

2. Realme 5

Real Me is also one of the Best Smart phones manufacturing Company Realme mobiles features are nice and best front display look.

So now real Me is launching its new smart phone i.e. Realme 5 lets see this mobile features in below.

Ram: 3GB

Memory Capacity: 32GB + 256 Expandeble

Processor: Octa Core 2 GHz

Display: 6.5 inches (16.51 cm)

Camera: 12+8+2+2 MP Primary Camera LED Flash, 13MP Front Camera

Battery: 5000 Mah

3. Vivo Z5x

Vivo Z5x

Vivo company also best Manufacturing company when they launched thier first mobile most of the people buy vivo mobiles because of its best mobile features, camera quality, store and all .

So that reason people likes vivo mobiles. Now vivo company launches its new mobile i.e. Vivo Z5x this mobiles features are given below

Ram: 4 GB

Storage Capacity: 64 GB + 256 Exanandable

Processor: Octa Core 2.2 GHz

Display: 6.53 inches (16.59 cm)

Camera: 16 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP Primary Camera 16 MP Front Camera

Battery: 5000 Mah with Fast Charging

4. Samsung Galaxy A60

Samsung Galaxy A60

Samsung Company Top Famous company in manufacturing mobiles and Samsung mobiles are very nice mobile because of its quality, features and smart outlook and all.

So now samsung company launches its new smartphones i.e Samsung Galaxy A60 so this mobiles features is given under below

Ram: 6 GB

Processor: octa Core 2GHz

Memory capacity: 128 GB +512 GB Expandable

Display: 6.3 inches (16 cm)

Camera: 32 MP + 5 MP + 8 MP Primary camera 16 MP Front Camera

Battery: 3500 Mah with Fast Charging

5. Nokia X71

Nokia X71

As you know Nokia is the oldest mobile manufacturing company and earlier nokia most of people buy nokia mobile because of its good quality and features.

So as know earlier nokia produce keypad mobile so when mobile technology trends moves fast nokia also starting producing smartphones some of nokia smartphones launched in the market like Nokia 3 and 6 etc… Now Nokia launches its new smartphones i.e. Nokia X71 this mobile features are given below

Ram: 6 GB

Memory Capacity: 128 GB + 256 expandable

Processor: Octa Core 2.2 GHz

Display: 6.39 inches (16.23 cm)

Camera: 48 MP + 8+MP + 5MP Primary Camera, 16 MP Front Camera

Battery: 3500 Mah with Fast Charging

So the above mobiles are top best mobile company now they launches their new upcoming Smart phones very soon in the market.

I hope you like information and got somes ideas about which smartphones are upcoming in the market and I also hope this information is helpful for those people who are planning about buying new smart phones.

so thanks for reading this information and want know updated information about technology visit my blog i.e. lifetrends.in and get information about technology trends.

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